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A streamlined, automated and data oriented process helps them to focus on business expansion, without losing time on managing day to day operations.

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What we do

We take any manual process that follows certain logi, use required technology and automate them.

Who are we

We are a team of different domain expertise from IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur, joined hands to solve busine problems.

What have we done

Worked with 150+ clients across the globe and have saved millions of man hours by automations.

Our Stories in short

A desire to help businesses grow, has taken us on a long and exciting journey
with many successful stories.

30 to 200 in 1 year

US Based Sales firm, operated 20 call centers with 9 employees. Within a year, they are now operating 200+ call centers with 20 employees.

1 Month+ to few hours

Investment firm, spent more than a month to finalize on appraisal and bonus settlements. Idea Rise made it task of few hours

No-device Inventory Count

A logistic firm with 1000s of inventory stock, is now able to know what item is lying at which place and in what quantity, in real time.

Dynamic pricing

A holida home company, can change prices of all their properties based on competitor's prices, in real time , multiple time sa day with few clicks.

Auto Quotes Approval

An event organization company where user fills a form, get multiple qoutes, select any one, get confirmation and calendar is blocked. All automated.

Intelligent Assessment

For an Ed-Tech platform, we created a system that creates a summary about the strength and weakness of student based on his test score and study pattern


we have helped and guided organisations to achieve outstanding results

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